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Triangle SDA will be having their first ever start of the year retreat! This retreat will be a fun way for freshmen to meet students that go to their school as well as schools in the area. This will, most importantly, be for recommitting ourselves to the Lord and putting the emphasis of our lives to him fully.

Price: Free!

Location: Chestnut Ridge Retreat Center (4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Rd, Efland, NC 27243

Dates: Morning of August 27th - Morning of August 28th, 2022

Demographic: Ages 17-29

Sign Up: Fill out the form embedded below or click this  link


Q: Is this camping?

A: No! We will be staying in lodges

Q:  Will there be food?

A: Lunch and dinner will be supplied for free on Saturday as well as breakfast for free for anyone who chooses to stay till Sunday!

Q: What will we be doing?

A: We'll be having short messages throughout the day interspersed with outdoor activities as well as team building exercise

Q: Will bedding be provided? 

A: No, but if you have difficulty bringing your own then reach out to Joshua at 757-632-9220

Q: I need a ride, how can I get that? 

A: On the form, please fill out that you need a ride and we will follow up with you later to have your transportation arranged!

For any other questions reach out to me at 757-632-9220!